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This school offers top Zumba classes in Bhubaneswar.  Ekak School of Music Art Dance is known as a popular Zumba classes and training center In Bhubaneswar. Zumba Step is a lower-body workout that incorporates Zumba routines and step aerobics with Latin dance rhythms. Zumba Toning is for people who do their workouts with toning sticks.


  • Desire to train yourself and burn fat
  • Sport shoes are recommendable
  • About 2-3 square meters place which is available at school campus.
  • Bottle of water to refresh during the training


  • Zumba routines that will put your body in shape
  • How to do properly the basic steps in Zumba
  • Push yourself to burn calories and improve your body structure
  • Home Workout that will take you 15 min of your day
  • the basic steps in Zumba
  • different exercises that train the whole body
  • how to push yourself to the maximum
  • Home Workout that you can do with your family and friends
  • weight loss program that will be pleasant
  • how to use your bodyweight to train daily


  • This Online Zumba class is a high-intensity home workout that will take just 15 min out of your day to put your body in the right shape. The only Ekak School of Music Art Dance Zumba course that is Fitness oriented.
  • This is why We decided to put together 3 different levels of Zumba training - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each one will not take you more than 20 min of your time with the warm-up. But each one will make you sweat and burn the extra calories that we get daily from all the delicious food around us.
  • This is not a dancing class! This Zumba class is more of a high-intensity workout that will put your body in shape. Weight Loss will not be an issue anymore, and you will be using just your bodyweight.
  • First of all, Zumba is a way to work out the rhythm of beautiful music. Since you are using just your bodyweight, you can do it as a home workout or in the garden with earbuds.
  • Zumba is suitable for people who have never trained before. The basic training will teach you the basic moves, and you will learn them step-by-step. Still, it will make you sweat. Just the exercises are more straightforward.
  • If you feel the training is too hard when you do it for the first time, do fewer repetitions but try to stay with me until the end. This way, you will push yourself to do more than you can do at the moment. 
  • At the same time, if you want to push yourself even more, jump higher, punch harder and bend your knees more, for example, when doing squats. Your bodyweight is the best equipment you can use.
  • With this online Zumba course, you will not need to consider your daily schedule with fixed-time training. You can train before work, after work, or during the weekend when most comfortable for you.
  • The best Zumba classes in Bhubaneswar are offered by Ekak School of Music Dance. The professional Zumba training is offered by the Popular Zumba teachers of Odisha and nationally famed Zumba teachers.
  • With flexible time schedule Zumba students learn Zumba at our aerobic studio near khandagari Bhubaneswar campus. All Zumba students learn aerobics with Zumba courses – step by step video to learn Zumba and various learning methods of Zumba.



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