Aerobics Classes

This school offers top aerobic classes in Bhubaneswar. The professional aerobic training is offered by the Popular aerobic teachers of Odisha and nationally famed aerobic teachers. Some of the most popular types of aerobics exercises are aerobic dance, bicycling, rowing machine, in-line skating, fitness walking, jumping rope etc.


  • No Prerequisites


  • Aerobics Routines
  • Aerobics Fundamentals
  • Stretching Routines
  • Chair Yoga Routines
  • Yoga Routines
  • Fitness Products You Can Create
  • Fitness for Seniors
  • Fitness for Beginners



Aerobics is a special opportunity to all who are in the beginning stage of fitness. We will teach you the best moves and routines in Aerobics which you can integrate in any class format and also you'll can integrate:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Chair Stretching or Chair Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • HIIT


Also, this program will enable you to become an expert on the aerobic routine that will best benefit you and your fitness needs:

  • A discussion about the benefits of aerobic exercise and why you need it.
  • Information on how aerobics can help you lose weight and stay fit.
  • An examination of the different types of aerobics and those that are best for you.
  • An explanation about wading-in-water aerobics, aerobic dance, aerobic breathing, aerobic kickboxing, and step aerobics.
  • A close look at participating in aerobics during pregnancy and aerobics for kids.
  • Insight on how to recognize the beauty of aerobic exercises.
  • Information on the various types of aerobic equipment.
  • And much, much more!




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Krishna Garden Complex -
Bhubaneswar - 751030

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