Western Vocals Classes

Western Vocal Classes in Bhubaneswar. Learn Western Vocal. Western Vocal lessons for beginners, Western Vocal Teachers, Western Vocal Courses, Western Vocal Grade Exam available for all age groups. Music Classes for Western Vocal are available as Hobby and Career on online and offline.

Ekak School classes will not only improve your singing ability, but expand your technical proficiency, grasp of music theory and appreciation of some of the most influential songs from the past five decades. As a student of music, you will improve your chances in auditions and competitions, whilst elevating your ability to write your own songs in the process.

Ekak School classes combine technique and music theory to ensure each student possesses the ability to not only perform with confidence but understand the music technically. Each student will earn qualifications, expanding their vocabulary as a vocalist by developing phrasing, range, ability to improvise and much more.



  • Hobbies courses for beginner’s level and advanced level.
  • Grade music courses of RSL – Rockschool International music examinations board. Courses and classes available from Grade 1 up to Grade 8.
  • Diploma level course.
  • Yearly Music workshop.
  • Technical courses for professionals.



  • Chords, dynamics and register, slides, trill downs, dynamic changes.
  • Scales, intervals, sequences, phrasing, legato/staccato, articulations. 
  • Arpeggios, bends, extended range and large intervallic leaps, harmonizing
  • Riff, melasmas, scoops, use of head voice, control of the chest voice and transitions between the registers,
  • Improvisation and interpretation
  • Listening Skill and spoken rhythms.
  • General Musicianship
  • Performance and microphone techniques.
  • Music Arrangement
  • Music Compositions 





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