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Tabla Classes in Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. Learn Tabla. Music Classes for Tabla in Bhubaneswar. Tabla lessons for beginners & Tabla Classes in Bhubaneswar by the best Tabla Instructors. Hobbies & Advanced level classes are available for all age groups at Ekak School of Music, Khandagiri Bhubaneswar.

Tabla students also learn · Djembe · Percussion. The most critical part of Tabla playing is explained in detail and made it easy for anyone interested to learn and start playing Tabla compositions like Thekas, Kaidas, Relas, Mukdas, Thukdas, Laggis and with theory and practice.



  • Should have a Tabla Set. Instruments are available on campus.
  • You should practice sitting on the floor for at least 30 minutes.
  • You are committed to at least one hour every day for practice.


  • Basic syllables in Tabla, commonly used words and phrases in tabla, Practice phrases for improving the basic words llike Traka & Tunna.
  • How to play the 10 beat Taal Zaptaal and use it in songs, how to play 12 beat Taal Ektaal and its uses, how to play TakaTage and Kidanaga.
  • Will be able to confidently play a Tukada, Tihaai and a Mukhada in Teentaal, Short knowledge about Backgrount of the Tabla
  • The correct placement of the Tabla for become a professional Tabla player, The alphabets of the Tabla and how to keep finger position for each alphabet
  • Including Banaras & Delhi Gharana thirteen basic and advance kaida with so many professional paltas in Teen Tal, Three simple and three Chakkardar tukra in Teen Tal
  • Numbers of eight Tals of north indian classical music and how to play proper way that Tals on Tabla, Become a Tabla player with the most Logical step-by-step Method. The course will take complete beginners to an intermediate level in a very short space of time.
  • You will learn the Absolutely Essential Techniques of Tabla Playing to Build a Strong Foundation, how to play a Variety of Tabla Grooves, North Indian notation system and the method of How we Count & Recite & PLAY the Rhythms, in the traditional way, Rhythms you can Play to Bollywood Songs, Bhajans & Kirtans, Ghazals, Fusion Music, how to play Taal Teentaal, Taal Rupak, how to use gaps effectively, Simple variations in Taals learnt so far.
  • It will guide the student to understand the basics like the hand placement and the sitting position and the parts of the table. The students will be able to play two full Kayda compositions. The lesson on techniques will help the student understand and enjoy his/her tabla playing.
  • Learn the basics of tabla drumming in just a few minutes to be practiced. Learning Tabla increases brain activity and is good for othe overalldevelopment of a human. Finger and flexible to get speed and clarity. There are dhir Dhir kit tak, which are using plam & some portion of the finger. dhir dhir are using to play in Tabla for the kaida & spacially rela
  • There are Gadigan words which came from Pakhawaj and this is used in a lot of compositions like Paran,Paral or powerfull tihai and many more. There are dhage tete word play in Tabla and Pakhawaj both instrument which are using during playing in Tukda tihai with all type of istruments and Dance
  • There are tage tete words also used in Tabla and Pakhawaj both instruments for playing paran paral tukda and tihai with accompaniment with anybody. There are dhin gin word which are using to play in angustana compositions in rau with finger tips which are using in Tabla solo and accompaniment
  • There are tkinds kind of tak tak which are used to play Tabla composition. It makes very good efects on audience in fast speed in Tabla solo. There are kradha tete this is also Pakhawaj word but this using in tabla for paran paral tukda and powerfull tihai which are using in accompaniment
  • There are Delhi Gharana kaida to help to improve your right hand two finger for fast and felxible and it is used for Tabla solo. There are second Delhi Gharana kaida to improve yourfingersinger with tirikit of right hand which are using in Tabla Solo and acompaniments
  • There are very very famous Banarasi Laggi which is used in Vocal intrumental Dance and solo and many more. Learn the basics of tabla drumming with songs in just a few minutes to be practiced.
  • Learning Tabla increases brain activity and is good for the overall development of a human. It soothes and calms people who listen to it. Learn to play on popular songs with different styles of beats in a popular Taal which can be used in many songs
  • A basis for beginning the study of tabla and Indian Classical Music. A greater appreciation and understanding of Taala for listeners of Indian Classical Music.
  • An entry point for the study of tabla rhythms as applied to other percussion such as drum set and cajon. A deeper understanding of rhythm in general.




Introduction to Tabla for Everyone. The complete guidelines of Tabla course for beginners. The Complete Guide to learn Tabla- Indian drums Step by Step. Comprehensive course on the art of playing Tabla. Banaras Gharana Tabla course for intermediate students. The Complete Guide to learn Tabla - Indian drums on Songs. Tabla course to become an advanced Tabla player. Tabla of Advance Level Part 1. Tabla of Advance Level Part 2.



  • Tabla Examination and certification available.
  • Instruments are available for each individual inside the Tabla classroom.
  • Tabla Practice time is available for every student.
  • Free downloadable Tabla Audio - Tabla Video - Tabla PDF available for each Tabla lesson.
  • In-house and outdoor Tabla programs
  • State level and national level Tabla performing stages.
  • In-house and outdoor Tabla Competitions and Tabla appreciation.
  • Monthly In-house Tabla activities.
  • Annual function and departmental functions.
  • Free promotions of creative activities on its own network pages and YouTube channel.
  • School offers facilities like instruments inside campus - state level and national level Tabla performing stages – National and state level Tabla performance and Tabla Competition - Various in-house Tabla programs – TV Shows and competitions as well – school own annual function as well. The best Tabla classes in Bhubaneswar are offered by Ekak School of Music Dance.



  • Group Tabla classes available
  • Online and Offline Tabla classes available
  • Weekdays and weekends Tabla classes available
  • Tabla Classes available for kids - Teens - Adults - seniors.
  • Tabla Classes for beginners' level to career level.
  • Tabla Classes for 1 hour and 30 minutes with a ratio of 5 each to 1 of students and teacher.
  • Tabla Lessons available in Odia - Hindi - English language.


With flexible time schedule Tabla students learn Tabla at our music school near khandagari Bhubaneswar campus. All Tabla students learn to play Tabla with Tabla courses – step by step videos to learn Tabla and various learning methods of Tabla. Our school invites table students of all age groups to learn Tabla. School offers Tabla classes for kids - Tabla classes for adults - Tabla classes for beginners also. 






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