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Sitar Classes in Bhubaneswar. Learn Sitar. Sitar lessons for beginners, Sitar Teachers, Sitar Courses, Sitar Grade Exam available for all age groups. Music Classes for Sitar are available as Hobby and Career on online and offline.

This school offers top sitar classes in Bhubaneswar. Enroll in a sitar school near your place and start taking sitar classes. School offers both hobbies classes for sitar and career classes for sitar. Ekak School of Music Art Dance is known as a popular sitar school In Bhubaneswar. This school offers the best sitar classes in Bhubaneswar with examination and certification. The professional sitar styles training is offered by the popular sitar teachers of Odisha and nationally famed sitar teachers. With flexible time schedule sitar students learn sitar at our music school near khandagari Bhubaneswar campus. All flute students learn to play sitar with flute courses – step by step video to learn sitar and various learning methods of sitar. 



  • Hobby guitar courses for beginner’s level and professional courses for advanced level.
  • Grade 1 to 8 music courses of RSL - Rockschool International music examinations board.
  • Diploma level course of acoustic guitar.
  • Yearly music workshop planner for teachers and students.
  • Technical courses for performers, career students and professionals.
  • Professional Band based knowledge courses for band groups and students.



  • Group classes available
  • Online and Offline classes available
  • Weekdays and weekends classes available
  • Classes available for kids - Teens - Adults - seniors.
  • Classes for beginners' level to career level.
  • Classes for 1 hour and 30 minutes with a ratio of 5 each to 1 of students and teacher.
  • Lessons available in Odia - Hindi - English language.



  • Examination and certification available.
  • Instruments are available for each individual inside class room.
  • Practice time available for every student.
  • Free downloadable Audio - Video - PDF available for each lesson.
  • In-house and outdoor programs
  • State level and national level performing stages.
  • In-house and outdoor Competitions and appreciation.
  • Monthly In-house activities.
  • Annual function and departmental functions.
  • Free promotions of creative activities on its own network pages and YouTube channel.



  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Arpeggios
  • Riff
  • Improvisation and interpretation
  • Listening Skill
  • General Musicianship
  • Performance and Jamming
  • Music Arrangement
  • Music Compositions 


 Semester – I

Course of Study - Hindustani Classical Sitar

Unit-I Study of following Rãgas:

  • Bilaval - Khamaj - kafi - Bhairvi


  • Alankars in all the Rãgas - Swarmallika in Bilawal/Bhairvi Rãgas - Lakshangeet in Kafi/Khamaj Rãgas.


  • Alankars in all the Rãgas - Razakhani gat in any one Rãgas - Basic technique of Sitar Playing.



  • Ability to recite the following Thekas with Tãli & Khãli Teentãla, Dadra
  • Basic knowledge of Playing alankaar in Sitar - Playing with Tanpura and Talmala is compulsory



Semester – II

Course of Study - Hindustani Classical Sitar  

Unit-I Study of following Rãgas:

  • Kalyan - Bhairav - Asawari - Marwa


  • Alankars in all the Rãgas - Swarmallika in Rãgas Marawa - Lakshangeet in Raga Bhairav/Asawari - Drut Khyãl in Raga Kalyan /Bhairav


  • Alankars in all the Rãgas - Swarmallika in Rãgas Marawa - Razakhani gat in Rãga Kalyan/Bhairav/Asawari - Basic technique of Sitar Playing.



  • Ability to recite the following Thekas with Dugun Layakari . a) Teentãla b)Dadra - Basic knowledge of Playing alankaar in Sitar.



Semester – III

Course of Study - Hindustani Classical Sitar

Unit –I Definition & brief study of the following:

Nad,Shruti,Swara, Saptak,Thata - Ãroha, Avroha, Pakad - Alanker, Varna, Laya

Unit –II

  • Nãd – Nãd ki Jati : Tarta, Tivrata, Gun - Study of the Rãga & Their Lakshan - study of Raga- Jati: Audav , Shadav , Sampuran

Unit –III

  • Basic knowledge of the parts of Sitar - Basic knowledge of the parts of Sitar - Biographies & contributions artists.

Unit –IV

  • Notation system of Bhatkhandy - Introduction of Ragas Vilawal, Kalyan, Bhairav & Khamaj - Writing Thekas of Teentãl & Dadra Taal.

Our flute School invites students of all age groups to learn sitar. School offers sitar classes for kids - sitar classes for adults - sitar classes for beginners also.
School offers facilities like instruments inside campus - state level and national level sitar performing stages – National and state level sitar performance and sitar Competition - Various in-house sitar programs – TV Shows and competitions as well – school own annual function as well. Best sitar classes in Bhubaneswar are offered by Ekak School Of Music Dance.


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