Western Dance Classes

Get Western Dance Classes In Bhubaneswar. Learn Dance Lessons. Find Dance Classes for Western In Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. Dance Classes for Beginners & Kids Are Available. This School is Committed to Preserving and Popularizing the Rich Culture of Western by Maintaining High Standards of Performance & Professionalism.

Western Is One of the Oldest and Most Sophisticated Forms of Indian Classical Dance. Regular Dance Classes for Local Students & Special Classes for Foreigners Are Augmented by Summer Workshops, Performances, New Choreographies & Dance Festivals.




  • School Has All the Offline Facilities at Its Own Campus.
  • Nothing, This Course Is for Absolute Beginners to Professional Level.
  • No Previous Dance Experience Is Required.
  • Comfortable Outfit that Won't Restrict Your Movement.
  • All age Groups can Join. Minimum age requirement is 4years.




  • Classes are Available Twice in a Week. 
  • Classes are Conducted on Weekdays and Weekends.
  • All age groups above 4 years are invited to join.




  • To move with more body awareness, you will have stronger muscles, you will be more flexible, you will have better coordination
  • You will learn floor, coordination, rhythm techniques with combinations
  • Floor work- how to isolate the body parts from each other, how to use our canter, coordination, combination
  • Moving floor work- strengthening exercises, combinations and Moving exercises.
  • Standing exercises- bending, stretching, dropping, rolling, coordination, rythm
  • Floor technic- how to be smooth and gentle on the floor. How to move without hurting ourself.
  • Coordination exercises and Combinations
  • Dancer strengthening exercises and How to relax trough movements.
  • Floor exercises on spot: step by step we warm up our body, we give some space and time to get to know the touch of the floor better.
  • Moving floor exercises: we develop our muscles through moving, improving the way of using the floor. We are building up the way of going up and down from the floor.
  • Standing exercises: relaxing the muscles through moving, developing our muscles and coordination. Simple combinations.
  • Moving exercises: combinations, coordination.
  • “Modern dance” is an umbrella term that covers a great variety of techniques and dance methods. Even if you take up this form of dance at a later age, you have a greater chance of becoming a modern dancer precisely because of the freedom that characterizes modern dance. However, if you are doing it for fun, and/or with another motivation, we can still highly recommend it.
  • We teach floorwork elements (What’s our relationship with the floor? How softly can we get down on the floor? How can you avoid hurting yourself when you reach the floor?). I teach certain fixed techniques that contribute to muscle development, stretch the body and improve coordination.
  • There are also elements/methods of improvisation in the courses. In these, you can experience yourself within flexible boundaries. We help you to arrive in your own body and to experience a kind of freedom. In modern dance, it is the music that carries you, and the experience is yours.
  • You need to face your challenges within the framework of movement. Why would we miss any opportunity when we can dance, be ourselves, find a form of expression? In modern dance, we play between the sky and the earth. We take the energy of the earth and grow roots beneath the surface, but at times we reach up to the sky, defying gravity.



  • Hobbies Courses and Career Courses are available.
  • Short Term Courses of 1, 2, 3 and 4 Years are Available.



  • Dance School Invites Students of All Age Groups.
  • Monthly Inhouse Activities, Competitions, Performance and Appreciation.
  • State Level and National Level Western Performing Stages
  • National And State Level Western Dance Performance and Competition.
  • Various Western Dance Programs and Workshops.
  • Do prepare for Tv Shows and Competitions.
  • Participation in School Own Annual Function.
  • Shooting for school's own Channels and network pages. 

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