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Dance Classes for Odissi in Bhubaneshwar. Odissi Dance Classes at Ekak School of Music Art Dance. This Odissi dance school is a premier odissi dance training institution that was founded by Rajakishore Panigrahi at Bhubaneswar, Odisha in 2010. This school is committed to preserving and popularizing the rich culture of Odissi by maintaining high standards of performance & professionalism.



School has all the offline facilities at its own campus. For online classes students have to arrange their own properties.

  • Nothing - this course is designed for ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS to PROFESSIONAL LEVEL of ODISSI dance.
  • No previous dance experience is required.
  • Comfortable outfit that won't restrict your movement.
  • Space to move freely about a YOGA mat size


What you'll learn

  • The most important tip for you throughout the ODISSI dance course
  • Warm up exercises necessary for ODISSI dance
  • Key postures (CHOUKA + TRIBHANGI)
  • Upper Body movements & coordination + TRIBHANGI 0
  • Hand gestures (MUDRA)
  • Salutation to the Mother Earth (BHOOMI PRANAM)
  • END message

    You would experience a personal transformation by conditioning your BODY & MIND, using the technique of the most sensuous, ecstatic, and spiritual dance from the Ancient India.

    By the end of the course, you would be able to stand in key postures of ODISSI dance for you to get centered, balanced, and reconnected to the earth and the universe, with the characteristic movement of ODISSI dance which is the lyrical, poetic, and mystic ones, with the beautiful hand gestures (MUDRA), and the salutation to the Mother Earth in an Odissi dance format. There are detailed explanations as well on how to move each part of your body such as eyes, neck, torso, and the combination movement of those body parts. Each hand gesture (MUDRA) is explained with its meanings as well.

    Through this course you will achieve,

    • Balanced body & mind, Lyrical movement, Graceful gestures of your hands

    • Expressive eyes, Fitness, Strength in the body


    so those of you who want to be fit mentally and physically could also join in. By the end of this course, you’ll learn the necessary basic technique of ODISSI dance, and would be able to make beautiful expressions on your face, more expressive gestures by the hands and also shed extra fat in your body, achieving the balanced body and mind.

    • Those who are new to dancing,

    • Those who want to learn the basics of Indian dance,

    • Those who want to experience Indian culture through their bodies,

    • Dancers of other genres who want to incorporate the movement of Indian dance technique

    • Those who want to enhance their expression through the eyes and their usual gestures and postures,

    • Those who want to lose weight and have a fit body and spirit,

    • Those who have yoga experience and are also interested in expressing themselves through dancing,

    • Those who want to experience Indian culture through dancing and utilise them in the business scenes with India or communicate with Indian friends,


    Odissi is one of the oldest and most sophisticated forms of Indian classical dance. Regular dance classes for local students & special classes for foreigners are augmented by summer workshops, performances, new choreographies & dance and music festivals.

Ekak School of Music Art Dance is committed to preserving and popularizing the rich culture of Odissi Dance by maintaining high standards of Odissi Dance classes – Odissi Dance performance & professionalism. The training schedules are rigorous, because they involve not only dance-practice and exercises, but also an understanding of Odissi music and rhythm (Tala) system, as well as an overview of the Indian classical heritage and its value system.

The professional Odissi Dance styles training is offered by the Popular Odissi dance teachers of Odisha and nationally famed Odissi Dance teachers. With flexible time schedule Odissi dance students learn Odissi dance at our dance studio near khandagari Bhubaneswar campus. All Odissi Dance students learn to dance with Odissi dance courses – step by step video to learn Odissi and various learning methods of Odissi dance.

Our Dance School invites students of all age groups to learn Odissi dance. School offers Odissi dance classes for kids - Odissi dance classes for adults - Odissi dance classes for beginners also. School offers facilities like state level and national level Odissi performing stages – National and state level Odissi dance performance and Odissi dance Competition - Various in-house Odissi dance programs – TV Shows and competitions as well – school own annual function as well. This school offers classes for various classical dance.

Ekak School of Music Art Dance is known as a popular Odissi Dance Classes Provider center in Bhubaneswar. It offers top Odissi dance classes in Bhubaneswar. Ekak School of Music Art Dance offers the best Odissi Dance training services in Bhubaneswar. Enroll in a dance school near your place and start taking Odissi Dance classes.




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