Hip Hop Dance Classes

Get Hip-Hop Dance Classes In Bhubaneswar. Learn Dance Lessons. Find Dance Classes for Hip-Hop In Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar. Dance Classes for Beginners & Kids Are Available. This School is Committed to Preserving and Popularizing the Rich Culture of Hip-Hop by Maintaining High Standards of Performance & Professionalism.

Hip-Hop Is One of the Oldest and Most Sophisticated Forms of Indian Classical Dance. Regular Dance Classes for Local Students & Special Classes for Foreigners Are Augmented by Summer Workshops, Performances, New Choreographies & Dance Festivals.




  • School Has All the Offline Facilities at Its Own Campus.
  • Nothing, This Course Is for Absolute Beginners to Professional Level.
  • No Previous Dance Experience Is Required.
  • Comfortable Outfit that Won't Restrict Your Movement.
  • All age Groups can Join. Minimum age requirement is 4years.



  • Classes are Available Twice in a Week. 
  • Classes are Conducted on Weekdays and Weekends.
  • All age groups above 4 years are invited to join.



  • Comfortably perform hip hop choreography.
  • Understand basic 4, 8, 3, 6, 16 counts.
  • Know how to perform with and without a facial expression.
  • Use the choreography for their own purposes (wedding dance routines, Quinceanera, etc.)
  • Understand basic hip hop grooves, movement, and footwork.
  • Learn a fusion of Hip Hop, Street Jazz wrapped up in Jasmine's unique style.
  • Pop, Wave, Glide and Transform into a Robot.
  • Stretch Deeper and Move Quicker.
  • Better Body Isolation and looser hips.
  • Unleash Your New Moves on the Dance Floor.
  • Dance just like Jasmine Meakin.



  • Hobbies Courses and Career Courses are available.
  • Short Term Courses of 1, 2, 3 and 4 Years are Available.



  • Dance School Invites Students of All Age Groups.
  • Monthly Inhouse Activities, Competitions, Performance and Appreciation.
  • State Level and National Level Hip-Hop Performing Stages
  • National And State Level Hip-Hop Dance Performance and Competition.
  • Various Hip-Hop Dance Programs and Workshops.
  • Do prepare for Tv Shows and Competitions.
  • Participation in School Own Annual Function.
  • Shooting for school's own Channels and network pages. 


You Would Experience a Personal Transformation by Conditioning Your Body & Mind, Using the Technique of the Most Sensuous, Ecstatic, And Spiritual Dance from the Ancient Odisha. By The End Of the Course, You Would Be Able to perform Hip-Hop Dance as a Professional Dancer. 

Ekak School Of Music Art Dance Is Committed to Preserving and Popularizing the Rich Culture of Hip-Hop Dance by Maintaining High Standards of Hip-Hop Dance Classes – Hip-Hop Dance Performance & Professionalism. The Training Schedules Are Rigorous, Because They Involve Not Only Dance-Practice and Exercises, But Also an Understanding of Hip-Hop Music and Rhythm (Tala) System, As Well As an Overview of the Indian Classical Heritage and Its Value System.

Short Courses Are Offered at Different Times of the Year to Accommodate the Need and Requirement of The Students Coming from Different Parts of India. As Per Their Specification and the Evaluation of the Expert Committee, Teachers Are Assigned to Work with Students. With Individual Lessons Sometimes the Students Are Encouraged to Attend Group Classes. The Courses Are Designed According to the Time Frame Specified by the Student. Not Only Do We Take Care of Their Professional Needs. We Also Look After Their Social Needs to Make Them Feel at Home.

So Those of You Who Want to Be Fit Mentally and Physically Could Also Join In. By The End Of This Course, You’ll Learn the Necessary Basic Technique of Hip-Hop Dance, And Would Be Able to Make Beautiful Expressions on Your Face, More Expressive Gestures by the Hands and Also Shed Extra Fat in Your Body, Achieving the Balanced Body and Mind.





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