Art Classes

Art School offers Art classes in Bhubaneswar. Learn Art Drawing, Art Painting, Art Sketching.



  • No previous experience or knowledge is required
  • You just need some Motivation to learn!



  • Improve your observation skills through simple exercises and assignments.
  • Draw from your imagination or whatever you see and observe.
  • Develop a strong understanding of the core concepts of drawing including materials, process and techniques.
  • Develop your own creative style and draw with more confidence. The sketching categories are Oil Sketching, Watercolor Sketching, Pastel Sketching, Acrylic Sketching, Pencil Sketch sketching, Ink Sketching classes.
  • You'll feel confident enough to further your artistic learning on any subject.
  • Observation Skills and Conceptual Learning.
  • Shapes and Object Drawing. Illustration Drawing, Life Drawing, Emotive Drawing, Analytic Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Diagrammatic Drawing classes, Geometric Drawing, pencil drawing, sketching classes etc.
  • All about Lines and Art of using the Pencil.
  • Life-like drawing technique and Using Imagination and Creative vision. The painting categories are Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Pastel Painting, Acrylic Painting, Charcoal Drawing, Colored Pencil painting, Pencil Sketch painting, Ink Painting classes.
  • Developing confidence and style.



  • Drawing, Painting and Sketching seem like magic, it is often associated with talent and many people get demotivated for this reason. 
  • Truth be told, Drawing, Painting & Sketching is not a Talent, it's a skill that can be learnt and mastered by anyone with a step-by-step course and one can and will definitely learn this skill.
  • We will teach you the basics to lay a really good foundation for art. You'll learn the introductory concepts of art such as elements of art, compositions, measurements, proportions etc. along with certain practice exercises that help you improve your observation and gain confidence in your hand movements.
  • These practice exercises are the keys to becoming really good at sketching.



  • School offers both hobby classes for Drawing, Sketching, painting and career classes for painting. This center offers the best painting classes in Bhubaneswar with examinations and certification to make a career in painting as well.
  • The professional painting styles training is offered by the popular painting teachers of Odisha and nationally famed painting teachers. Ekak School of Music Art Dance is known as a popular painting school In Bhubaneswar.
  • With flexible time schedule drawing students learn painting at our painting school near khandagari Bhubaneswar campus. All painting students learn painting with painting courses – step by step video to learn painting and various learning methods of painting.
  • This campus invites students of all age groups to learn painting as this school offers painting classes for kids - painting classes for adults - painting classes for beginners also.
  • School offers facilities like - state level and national level guitar performing stages – National and state level painting performance and painting Competitions - Various in-house painting programs – TV Shows and competitions as well – school own annual function as well. This school offers classes for various painting. The best painting classes in Bhubaneswar are offered by Ekak School Of Music Dance.



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